May 21, 2021
6 Innovative Hotel F&B Ideas That Grow up Revenues

In an ever-changing business landscape, remaining competitive is becoming a real challenge. Just like in any industry, foodservice and hotel restaurants need to stay in touch with the F&B trends in order to cope with the changes and remain relevant. But the thing is, it isn't enough to only remain relevant. Hotels need something that will make their business stand out from the crowd.

Since the main goal of every food service and hotel is to make revenue, here are the 6 most innovative hotel and food and beverage ideas that will help you increase revenues.

Ingredient transparency

In a world of organic food and ethical eating, people want to know all the information regarding the food they can expect to eat in the hotels they book.

They want to know about the ingredients and where the food was sourced. In fact, most modern guests won't be completely happy if they don't get this piece of information.

Since most people consider this to be essential when making reservations, hotels and restaurants must take extreme precautions when making their menus, not only to prevent contamination but also to cope with food allergies. So, ingredient transparency keeps both guests and hotels safe.

Modern Technology

Most of the world population has gone mobile, so it’s only normal that guests expect all the latest technological conveniences during their stay. Things like WiFi are mandatory, but we’re talking about allowing guests to order drinks and food via an app and so on.

Modern guests don’t like waiting so it’s best to offer them a quick and convenient service. In the end, it all comes down to customer satisfaction and user experience. It goes without saying that hotels and food services need modern technology solutions if they plan on staying competitive.

Special services

Today, everything is about convenience. If a hotel can make their guests feel at home, that’s a great advantage. Modern hoteliers make great efforts to get to know their guests and their habits as much as they can. This allows hotel staff to make customized offers and provide special services based on each visitor’s needs and preferences.

Combining non traditional offerings with traditional venues is the best way to increase your hotel revenue. Offering brewed coffee, mini bottles of wine, cocktails, prepared foods or the ability to order food from the local fast food restaurants directly to the guest’s room can help grow revenue.

Continuous refreshment

In the past, almost all hotels had set meal times. Since times have changed, this calls for a significant change in the meal schedule as well.

In fact, numerous hotels have already reaped the benefits by providing continuous food and beverage refreshments during the day. That way the guests can always count on their refreshment without having to constantly look at their watch or rush to the hotel restaurant.

Food waste problem

Hotels and restaurants figured out that reducing food waste is a very cost-efficient solution for their business. There are both financial and non-financial reasons for this, but 80% of guests will not look at food waste with a smile.

With all the available technology, it’s quite easy to predict how much food will go to waste, so hotels can use this information to develop better menus to monetize their inventories. Different software are available on the market, we advice you to Google it.

A bridge between generations

Hotels and restaurants that provide their services to both millennials and older generations have better chances of growing group revenue than those who cater to only one generation.

Older generations can easily get used to all modern conveniences that the millennial generation enjoy so much. From the latest gadgets to healthy meals, hotels and food services can use these new trends to their advantage and draw in more guests.

In conclusion

Use these six hotel food and beverage ideas to take your business to a whole new level. All it takes is a slight investment and some planning, but the resulting revenue growth will surprise you.

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